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Molecular pump vacuum atmosphere tube furnace

Molecular pump vacuum atmosphere tube furnace

    Application:  Widely used in experiments and small-scale production in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Specific Introduction:

The PT-TG600-S120CK1 atmosphere tube furnace uses quartz tube as the furnace tube, with a working temperature range of 450 ℃ to 500 ℃. It uses molybdenum containing resistance wire as the heating element, adopts a double-layer shell structure and an intelligent temperature control system, phase-shifting triggering, controllable silicon control, and the furnace material is made of aluminum oxide polycrystalline fiber material. The double-layer furnace shell is equipped with an air cooling system, which can be used for atmosphere ventilation or vacuum extraction. PT-TG600-S120CK1 atmosphere tube furnace belongs to a type of tube furnace.

Molecular pump vacuum atmosphere tube furnace
Molecular pump vacuum atmosphere tube furnace


Widely used in experiments and small-scale production in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Product advantages:

1. It can be vacuumed and filled with various protective gases or destructive gases. The tube furnace is reserved with air inlet and outlet, and a vacuum pump interface is reserved. Connecting the vacuum pump can be vacuumed.
2. Balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, energy-saving.
3. Safe and reliable, easy to operate, high temperature control accuracy, good insulation effect, and high furnace temperature uniformity. The entire furnace body adopts a double-layer inner liner structure, with air gap isolation in the middle. Even if the furnace temperature reaches 1600 ℃, the surface of the furnace body can still be safely touched without feeling hot.
4. The heating element adopts high-quality resistance wire, and the furnace insulation material adopts polycrystalline fiber material, which has good insulation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no impurities, high purity, and significantly better energy-saving effect than domestic fiber materials.
5. The furnace tube adopts quartz furnace tube, and the temperature resistance of the furnace tube can reach 1100 ℃.
6. The temperature control system adopts touch screen control, artificial intelligence regulation, PID regulation, Self-tuning function, can prepare 30 temperature rise and fall programs, and data can be stored and output.
7. It has an over temperature alarm protection function, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
8. Our company has the ability to independently develop, design, produce, and process our machines. We provide lifelong parts replacement and upgrade services.

Product Name Molecular pump vacuum atmosphere tube furnace
Product model PT-TG600-S120CK1
Furnace tube size Φ120mmX1000mm
Furnace tube material Quartz furnace tube
Heating zone length 440mm
Working temperature 500℃
Maximum temperature 600℃
The furnace material Alumina polycrystalline fiber, with good insulation performance
Temperature control method multi-stage PID intelligent program temperature control
The control method adopts LCD touch screen operation, and intelligent multi-stage PID programmable control
The temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence regulation technology, has PID regulation, Self-tuning functions and can prepare multi section temperature rise and fall programs;
1. Adopting PID method to adjust and control temperature, multiple temperature rise and fall programs can be set
2. Temperature control accuracy ± 1 º C
3. Equipped with over temperature protection and couple breaking protection. When over temperature or couple breaking occurs, the heating circuit of the electric furnace will automatically cut off
4. The instrument has the function of temperature Self-tuning
5. Using touch screen operation, the heating curve can be displayed in real-time, and data can be output and stored
The heating rate 0-20 º C/min, and 10 º C/min is recommended, which can be freely adjusted according to the process
Working voltage AC 220V single-phase 50HZ
Heating power 5KW
Furnace structure 1. It adopts a double-layer shell structure and has a cooling fan installed inside the furnace to reduce the surface temperature of the equipment
2. The furnace is composed of furnace materials, insulation materials, and heating elements
3. The temperature control system consists of temperature control instruments, control components, and thermocouples
4. Integrated structure of furnace body and temperature control, with the furnace fixed on top of the temperature controller
Vacuum system part
name vacuum system
The main parameters Adopt a high vacuum molecular pump group
The ultimate vacuum degree in the cold state can reach 6.67 * 10-3pa,
KF25 quick connect, stainless steel corrugated pipe, manual baffle valve connected to flange, vacuum pump;
Composite digital vacuum gauge display
Refer to the picture vacuum systemflangecorrugated pipe
water-cooling system Equipped with a water cooler, it can be cooled by a molecular pump to prevent damage to the molecular pump due to overheating
water-cooling system


Molecular pump vacuum atmosphere tube furnace
Molecular pump vacuum atmosphere tube furnace


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