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Understand the product features and precautions of CVD tube furnace

CVD tube furnace is composed of tube furnace + vacuum system + gas supply system. The maximum temperature can reach 1200 degrees. It can be single temperature zone, double temperature zone, three temperature zone, etc. The vacuum can reach 10-3Pa. The gas supply system is The flow adjustment can be proton flowmeter or float flowmeter, and the number of gas mixing channels can be mixed with 2, 3, 4, and 5 channels.

CVD tube furnace product features:
1. The control circuit adopts fuzzy PID program control technology, which has high temperature control accuracy, small thermal inertia, overshoot of temperature, reliable performance and simple operation.
2. The flange structure of the gas path quick connection adopts the intellectual property design of the company, which improves the convenience of operation.
3. The medium vacuum system has the function of automatic control of the upper and lower limits of the vacuum degree. The high vacuum system adopts a high pressure, impact-resistant molecular pump to prevent accidental air leakage from causing damage to the molecular pump and prolong the service life of the system.

Precautions for the use of CVD tube furnace:
1. When using a cold furnace, since the tube furnace is cold and needs to absorb a lot of heat, the heating rate of the low temperature section is not easy to be too fast, and the heating rate difference of each temperature section is not too big. When setting the heating rate, the sintered material should be fully considered. physical and chemical properties, so as to avoid the phenomenon of spraying material and contaminate the furnace tube.
2. Regularly check whether the electrical connection part of the temperature control system is in good contact, and special attention should be paid to whether the connection of each connection point of the heating element is tight.
3. After using or not using for a long time, it should be baked at about 120 ℃ for 1 hour, and used after baking at about 300 ℃ for 2 hours, so as to avoid cracking of the furnace. The furnace temperature should not exceed the rated temperature as much as possible, so as not to damage the heating element and the furnace lining. It is forbidden to directly pour various liquids and dissolved metals into the furnace to keep the furnace clean.
4. If a quartz tube is used in the furnace, when the temperature is higher than 1000 ℃, the high temperature part of the quartz tube will appear opaque, which is called devitrification and is an inherent defect of the fused silica tube, which is a normal phenomenon.

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