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What is the use of vacuum furnace in different industries-Vacuum sintering furnace

Application fields of vacuum sintering furnace:
    Protech vacuum sintering furnace is suitable for vacuum atmosphere processing of electronic ceramics, glass, crystals, powder metallurgy, nanomaterials, metal parts, electronic components, new materials and powder materials. The materials are sintered in an inert atmosphere.

The performance parameters of vacuum sintering furnace:
1. The rotary furnace equipment is dynamic calcination, the heating furnace tube can be turned over regularly, the raw materials are heated evenly in the furnace, and there is no raw burning or overburning.

2. The furnace body of the vacuum sintering furnace adopts an openable structure and a double-layer furnace shell, which can maintain air circulation and heat insulation; the surface of the vacuum sintering furnace is derusted and electrostatically sprayed, which meets the international laboratory standards.

3. The vacuum sintering furnace equipment is a periodic experimental equipment commonly used in laboratories.

4. The heating elements are made of high-quality molybdenum-containing resistance wires, silicon carbon rods, silicon molybdenum rods and other heating elements. The rods are reasonably arranged according to the size of the furnace, and the furnace temperature uniformity is good.

5. The furnace tube adopts imported heat-resistant alloy (the furnace is equipped with non-metal liner), high temperature sintering without volatile matter, safety and environmental protection, in line with international technical standards.

6. The temperature control adopts PID mode. When the instrument program is set, just press the run button, and the next heating and cooling work will be carried out automatically, without manual waiting.

7. The machine will issue an alarm signal for the over-temperature condition during work, and automatically carry out protection actions.

8. The equipment is multi-point temperature measurement, and the control panel is equipped with a power indicator light and a heating indicator light, which can inspect the working status of the equipment at any time.

9. The equipment can be used with a vacuum pump to pump negative pressure, and the pressure rise rate is not higher than a fixed value.

vacuum sinteirng furnace