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How to maintain a vacuum atmosphere furnace?

After the maintenance of the vacuum atmosphere furnace equipment, the vacuum furnace should be kept in a vacuum state of 133Pa. When the inside of the vacuum atmosphere furnace is dusty or dirty, it should be wiped clean and dried with a silk cloth soaked in alcohol or gasoline. When disassembling and assembling the parts of the sealing part, use aviation gasoline or alcohol to clean them, apply vacuum grease after drying, and then install them. The outer surface of the equipment should be wiped frequently to keep it clean. The same is true for the use of a vacuum atmosphere furnace tempering furnace. The electrical joints of the electrical control system should be kept clean and fastened, and each fastened electrical joint should be checked before each furnace is opened. The insulation resistance of the furnace should be checked frequently. When the insulation resistance is less than 1000 ohms, the electric heating element, the resistance of the electrodes and the thermal insulation layer should be carefully checked, and the furnace can be opened after troubleshooting. The mechanical transmission parts should be refueled or changed regularly according to the general equipment lubrication requirements. Vacuum units, valves, instruments and other accessories are all repaired in accordance with the technical instructions of the factory products. The maintenance of the vacuum furnace should be powered off. When the maintenance is carried out under the condition of electrification, the absolute safety of operators, maintenance personnel and equipment must be guaranteed. The vacuum furnace is heated by silicon carbon rods and silicon molybdenum rods, and silicon carbon rod cloth felt and refractory fiber felt are insulated oil-quenched gas-cooled vacuum furnace. The vacuum atmosphere furnace equipment is composed of furnace body, heating chamber, oil quenching chamber, air cooling chamber, vacuum insulation door, workpiece transmission mechanism, vacuum unit, electrical control system, nitrogen refilling system and water cooling system. Mainly used for bright quenching, annealing and bright tempering of some steel grades of alloy steel, tool steel, tool steel, high-speed steel, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel and magnetic materials. This furnace type can also be used for vacuum brazing. , vacuum sintering, etc.o71Muffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
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