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Operating Specifications for High Temperature Furnaces

High temperature furnace equipment is mainly used in various industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory heating, and laboratories of scientific research units. The heating speed is very fast and efficient, which meets the needs of production. However, it is also necessary to follow the relevant usage specifications in the process of use.
Today, Zhengzhou Protech Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a brief introduction. I hope you can use the high temperature furnace equipment according to the operating specifications.
Before use, we need to firstly check the power cord, cooling water and the sealing of the equipment. Only after confirming that the relevant components are in a normal state can we start the furnace operation. After the equipment is powered on, turn on the power button, Fill the furnace body with argon gas, the pressure of these gases keeps rising, open the front door of the furnace body, take off the graphite cover, adjust the conveyer button of the equipment to the out state, and clean the dirt in the furnace accordingly. .

High temperature furnace