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How to prepare high-performance activated carbon by pyrolysis of biomass in a tube furnace?

The usual preparation method of activated carbon has different problems such as large amount of chemical reagents, high pollution of three wastes, high energy consumption, low yield, high production cost, complex process, etc., and the traditional closed pyrolysis self-activation process has poor repeatability, high equipment requirements, and product The adsorption performance is poor. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop a high-efficiency production method with simple production process, low equipment requirements, energy saving and consumption reduction, clean and pollution-free.

Technical problems solved: In order to solve the shortcomings of the existing activated carbon physical production technology, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide or high temperature flue gas and other activators, high energy consumption, low product yield and other shortcomings, Zhengzhou Protech Technology Co., Ltd. provides a tube furnace system. A method for preparing high-performance activated carbon by low-pressure one-step pyrolysis of biomass in a type furnace, the preparation process does not require external activators, the method is simple, the process conditions are not harsh, the product yield is high, the cost is low, the product adsorption performance is good, and the equipment requirements are low, suitable for industrialization Production.

Technical solution: A method for preparing high-performance activated carbon by low-pressure one-step pyrolysis of biomass in a tube furnace. The biomass raw material is placed in the middle of the tube furnace, the inlet valve of the tube furnace is closed, the tube furnace is evacuated to a vacuum, and the outlet valve is closed. , and then heated to 850-1000 ℃ for pyrolysis for 4-7 hours. During the self-activation process of pyrolysis, the pressure in the tube furnace was adjusted to 0.1-0.14mpa, and the product was washed and dried to obtain an activated carbon product.

Preferably, the above-mentioned biomass raw material is coconut shell, walnut shell or bamboo processing residue.

Preferably, the biomass is dried and then pulverized, and the particle size is 1.00mm-1.70mm.

Preferably, the above-mentioned temperature increase is from room temperature to pyrolysis temperature at a temperature increase rate of 1-20°C/min.

Preferably, the pressure in the tube furnace in the above pyrolysis process is 0.12 mpa.

The activated carbon product prepared by low-pressure pyrolysis self-activation has an iodine adsorption value of 900-1438 mg/g, a methylene blue adsorption value of 150-300 mg/g, and a yield of 15.2-24.2%.

Beneficial effects: (1) The company adopts the semi-closed tube furnace to prepare activated carbon. The operating pressure of the tube furnace is low, and the pyrolysis gas of biomass raw materials is used as the activation gas to prepare the activated carbon, which solves the need to introduce the traditional activated carbon in the preparation process. The problem of foreign chemical activators or activated gases effectively reduces the consumption of chemicals and additional gas generating devices, and is clean and pollution-free. (2) Activated carbon is prepared from activated biomass by low-pressure pyrolysis in a tube furnace, with low cost, high product yield, simple process, no loss of equipment, and heat generated by combustion after exhaust gas collection, which can reduce process energy consumption and can be industrialized. (3) The pore structure of activated carbon products is developed and the adsorption performance is good. (4) The biomass used in the present invention can be coconut shell, walnut shell, bamboo processing residue, etc., which can turn waste into treasure. (5) The adsorption performance, pore volume and specific surface area of ​​activated carbon can be controlled by the variety of raw materials, particle size of raw materials, heating rate, pyrolysis temperature, pyrolysis time, and pyrolysis pressure in the pyrolysis process.

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