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Basic structure and characteristics of rotary tube furnace

Rotary tube furnaces are widely used in powder metallurgy, ceramics, refractory materials, batteries, new energy and other research in the uniform sintering of inorganic compounds (mineral compounds). The following is a brief introduction to the basic structure of the rotary tube furnace produced by Protech furnace company:

1. The furnace in the heating zone adopts a structure of upper and lower parts, of which the upper furnace can be turned backward by 90° as a whole, which is convenient for the observation and pick-and-place of the protection tube.
2. The furnace material adopts imported ceramic fiber, which has the advantages of balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast heating rate and energy saving;
3. The electric heating element adopts imported high resistance alloy wire or silicon carbon rod;
4. Both ends of the furnace body are made of stainless steel sealing flanges, which are resistant to high temperature and corrosion;
5. The protection tube is made of quartz tube or heat-resistant steel metal tube, and the rotation speed is 3-20r/min, which can be adjusted manually according to needs;
6. The furnace body can be tilted 30° by remote control;
7. The furnace body adopts double-layer air insulation technology and is equipped with an automatic cooling fan to reduce the temperature of the furnace body shell;
8. The control system adopts imported 40-segment program temperature control, temperature control accuracy ±1℃, phase-shift trigger, thyristor control;
9. Single temperature zone and multi-temperature zone control can be used;
10. The hinged heating chamber design can easily take out and insert the experimental container;

Rotary tube furnace performance characteristics:
1. Using high-purity quartz tube or high-purity alumina tube as furnace tube, the working temperature range can reach 800℃ to 1200℃.
2. The vacuum tube furnace uses imported silicon carbon rods as heating elements, adopts a double-layer shell structure and an intelligent program temperature control system, phase-shift triggering, and thyristor control.
3. The furnace is made of alumina polycrystalline fiber material, and the double-layer furnace shell is equipped with an air cooling system, which can quickly increase and decrease the temperature.
4. The vacuum pump can be selected according to the vacuum degree required by the customer.
5. Safe and reliable, simple operation, high temperature control precision, good heat preservation effect and high furnace temperature uniformity.
6. It has the advantages of balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, and energy saving.

rotary tube furnace

rotary tube furnace