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Master the precautions of the atmosphere furnace in 3 minutes

Today Nuotai Technology has sorted out the precautions for the atmosphere furnace for everyone, let's take a look at it together:
 1. Except for experiments, don't stay in the high temperature furnace tube area.

 2. When the experiment is finished, if no one continues to use, please turn off the special gas, keep the N2 flow, keep the furnace tube at the standby temperature, and check if there are other power sources that should be         turned off but not turned off, such as lights, small electric stoves for cooking acid or others , Please turn it off.

 3. When handling HF, please wear gloves. If you accidentally touch HF, please rinse immediately with calcium gluconate plus 2% water and rub the abrasion for 15'.

 4. Quartz glass products should be used with care to avoid breaking and causing serious cuts.

 5. Avoid inhaling various gases from the furnace or processing tank.

 6. Potassium cyanide (KCN) should not be mixed with acids, because both can produce highly toxic KCN gas.

 7. Once you find something obstructing safety, please notify the relevant personnel immediately.

 8. When operating the atmosphere furnace, please save the amount of pure water.

 9. Broken chips, filter paper, cotton swabs, etc., do not fall into the drain hole at the bottom of the cleaning tank to avoid water stains on the floor due to poor drainage.

 10. The front end of the long and short putter, when not used, please face up to avoid contamination.

 11. When the wafer enters and exits the furnace port, do not touch the furnace tube port to avoid contamination of the furnace tube.