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Advantages of chemical vapor deposition CVD technology

Many university laboratories and research institutes are now studying chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Today we will mainly talk about the advantages of CVD technology:
chemical vapor deposition

chemical vapor deposition
   Compared with other deposition methods, CVD technology has the following advantages in addition to the advantages of simple equipment, convenient operation and maintenance, and strong flexibility:

   (1) At medium temperature and high temperature, the solid is deposited by the gas phase chemical reaction between the gaseous initial compounds;

  (2) Deposition can be carried out at atmospheric pressure (normal pressure) or below atmospheric pressure, generally speaking, the effect of low pressure is better;

  (3) The use of plasma and laser assisted technology can significantly promote chemical reactions, so that the deposition can be carried out at a lower temperature;

  (4) The chemical composition of the coating can be changed to obtain a gradient deposit or a mixed coating;

  (5) The density and purity of the coating can be controlled;

  (6) Good winding and plating properties, which can be deposited on complex-shaped substrates and granular materials;

  (7) The gas conditions are usually laminar, which can form a thick boundary layer on the surface of the substrate;

  (8) The deposited layer usually has a columnar crystal structure and is not resistant to bending. However, the chemical reaction can be disturbed by various techniques to obtain a fine-grained equiaxed deposition layer;

  (9) A variety of metal, alloy, ceramic and compound coatings can be formed. As long as the raw material gas is slightly changed, different process parameters can be used to prepare deposits with different properties; it can be coated with various complex shapes of workpieces, such as workpieces with grooves, grooves, holes or blind holes; the coating is combined with the substrate Strong and so on.