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Causes of water shortage accidents in tube furnaces

Causes of water shortage accidents in tube furnaces
high temperature furnace
    1. In violation of labor discipline, the operating personnel sleep or doze in the class, leave the operation post arbitrarily or do anything unrelated to the operation. When operating the boiler, the operating personnel were inattentive, negligent, did not carefully monitor the water level, and did not increase the water supply in time when the load of the tube furnace increased.

    2. Operators have low operating skills, misjudgment, misoperation, and mistakenly regard water shortage as full water.

    3. Water level meter, water level meter soda water connecting pipe, water level meter each cock, water meter column structure is unreasonable, resulting in false water level.

    4. Poor lighting of the water level gauge makes the observation water level unclear.

    5. The high and low water level alarms fail, no alarm or false alarm.

    6. The two-color water level gauge fails.

    7. For boilers with automatic feed water regulator, the automatic feed water regulator fails.

    8. Malfunction of boiler feed water valve or feed water check valve.

    9. The boiler blowdown pipeline and blowdown valve are leaking. During the blowdown operation, the blowdown valve was not closed in time. There is foreign matter stuck in the drain valve core and cannot be closed tightly.

    10. When a boiler room with centralized water supply is used, when one water supply pipe is used to supply multiple boilers, due to problems in the water supply system and operation system of the tube furnace, the phenomenon of "grabbing water" between the boilers occurs, resulting in insufficient water supply for the boiler. The feedwater pump fails, the feedwater pipeline leaks, and the feedwater pressure drops. The furnace tube or economizer tube is broken or leaks a lot of water. The outlet valve of the soft water tank was closed by mistake, and there was no water in the soft water tank. Water source failure, etc.