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What is a muffle Furnace used for?

Muffle furnace is an oven type instrument which can reach high temperatures. The furnace achieves the high-temperature on the basis of the insulating material which is fitted inside the chamber. The insulating material which is provided in the chambers acts as a muffle and stops the heat from escaping out of the chamber. Muffle furnaces are used for the applications where there is huge demand of testing the sample at high temperature and to determine the percent of ash content in those materials. The industries in which the furnaces are used for treating the samples at high-temperature include:

-Plastic Industry
-Molding Industries
-Glass Industry
-Rubber Industry
-Ceramics Industry
-Biomedical Industries
-Paint Industry
-Textile materials
-Metallurgical applications, etc.


Protech Muffle Furnaces are with different temperature ranges (1200C/1400C/1700C/1800C) and different chamber sizes (from 1L to 1000L) and special functions can be customized according to customer’s requirement.☺️