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What aspects of characteristic operation should be considered when purchasing atmosphere furnace

  What aspects of characteristic operation should be considered in purchasing atmosphere furnace
  The characteristic of atmosphere furnace is that at a given temperature, artificial atmosphere with certain composition is introduced into the furnace to achieve some purpose of heat treatment, such as gas carburizing, carbonitriding and bright quenching, annealing, normalizing, etc.
atmosphere furnace
  The main features of atmosphere furnace are as follows
  In order to control the atmosphere in the furnace and maintain the pressure in the furnace, the working space in the furnace must always be isolated from the outside air. Therefore, the furnace shell, masonry, furnace door and all external connecting parts such as fans are required. What are the characteristics of sealing devices for operating thermocouples, radiant tubes, pushers and pullers;
heating method 
  In order to ensure the stability of atmosphere, the atmosphere furnace can be divided into two types: the flame of muffle furnace is outside the muffle, and the workpiece is indirectly heated in the muffle; the muffle free furnace adopts various flame radiant tubes or electric radiant tubes to separate the flame or electric heater from the furnace gas, so as to avoid destroying the stability of the atmosphere in the furnace.
  Explosion proof device
When the mixture of reducing gas and air reaches a certain mixing ratio, it should be considered that the atmosphere furnace is easy to cause explosion at a certain temperature. Therefore, explosion-proof devices are set in the front and back chambers, quenching chamber and slow cooling chamber of the furnace, and explosion-proof measures shall also be taken for the control system of gas supply and exhaust of the furnace.
Reducing gas is used in atmosphere furnace. In order not to affect the service life of masonry and not to damage the normal atmosphere in the furnace, the anti carburizing refractory is required for the furnace masonry.
  Degree of automation
All kinds of atmosphere furnaces require high sealing performance, and the operation process of loading and discharging is complex, so one furnace is required to be multi-purpose. In mass production, large-scale combined heat treatment special or dual-purpose units are mostly formed, so it is required to have a higher degree of mechanization and automation.