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Tube fluidized bed system

Tube fluidized bed system

    Application:  The furnace tube is made of 2025 material, and the diameter is reduced to connect the dense phase area and the dilute phase area. This section is the heat preservation area, with a length of 100mm. The split part is connected with an automatic feeding device. The automatic feeder is a funnel-shaped coal with sealing treatment. The bucket passes through the motor and the spiral tube, and there is a screw rod to push the feeding
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Technical parameter:
Fluidized bed section
Model PT-T1000-H50V2
Furnace structure Vertical open structure, double-layer shell is equipped with a cold air system to automatically cool down the furnace shell temperature does not exceed 50 ℃
chamber size The high-quality high-purity alumina polycrystalline fiber curing furnace formed by Japanese technology vacuum adsorption has good thermal insulation performance, high reflectivity and balanced temperature field.
Max.working temperature 1000℃
Heating rate Recommended ≤10℃/min, the fastest heating rate is 20℃/min
Furnace tube material 2520material
Furnace tube structure The dilute phase zone and the dense phase zone are connected by the transition pipe with reduced diameter welding, the stainless steel side is welded with various lead pipes and flanges, and the top sealing flange is connected and an explosion-proof device is installed.
Heating element arrangement Alloy resistance wire
Furnace composition The furnace body is divided into two halves, the heating element is embedded in the insulation layer, the rear half is fixed on the bracket, the front half can be opened to take out the tube, the resistance wire is evenly distributed in the front, and the rear part will bypass the lead pipe because the resistance wire extends out of the lead pipe.
Dilute phase zone of fluidized bed The furnace tube is made of 2025 material, the length of the heating zone is 500mm, the power is 2KW, there is a spare air inlet at the lower rear, a temperature measuring thermocouple and a mechanical pressure gauge to detect the temperature and pressure in the tube. After coming out, connect the detection dust removal device
outlet The position of the furnace tube extending out of the furnace body is the gas outlet, which is located outside the furnace body. There is a temperature measuring thermocouple and a mechanical pressure gauge on the side branch.
Temperature measuring element Type K thermocouple
Control section The dense phase area and the dilute phase area are independently controlled, and the control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment technologystlMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
1. Using PID mode to adjust temperature control, 30 sections of heating and cooling programs can be setstlMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
2. Temperature control accuracy ±1ºCstlMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
3, with over-temperature protection, broken couple protectionstlMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
4. The instrument has the function of temperature self-tuningstlMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
Two temperature measurement and display instruments in the dense phase area and two temperature measurement and display instruments in the dilute phase area and the temperature measurement and display instrument in the exhaust pipe are respectively fixed on the control cabinet
Working power AC220V,50Hz
rated power 6KW


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