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PT-V2100-200 type high vacuum heat treatment furnace

PT-V2100-200 type high vacuum heat treatment furnace

    Application:  It is suitable for high-temperature thermoforming of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics, such as vacuum sintering of transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics and other metals and alloy materials composed of refractory metals, and high-temperature sintering of ceramic materials silicon carbide and silicon nitride.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
1. The basic principle and main purpose of the equipment

1. Basic principles
The vacuum heat treatment furnace is a complete set of equipment for high temperature heat treatment under vacuum (or other atmosphere) conditions. It mainly uses graphite soft and hard felt as the insulation layer, graphite tube as the heating element, double-layer water-cooled vacuum chamber, and can be equipped with a circulating water refrigeration system Cool down the furnace body.

2. Equipment usage
This equipment combines vacuum/atmosphere and high-temperature heating, and is suitable for high-temperature thermoforming of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics, such as vacuum sintering of transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics and other metals and alloy materials composed of refractory metals. And high temperature sintering of ceramic materials silicon carbide and silicon nitride. The structural design of the equipment is advanced and reasonable, and the design and manufacture conform to the corresponding national and industry standards and specifications, and can meet the user's requirements. The energy saving effect of the equipment is good. It is convenient and simple to use, operate and maintain, beautiful in appearance, safe and reliable, and excellent after-sales service. The supporting products and components have the international advanced level, which can meet the long-term, stable, safe and reliable production demand.

2. Main technical parameters

1. Main system technical parameters
1) Equipment form: vertical
2) Heating form: graphite tube heating element
3) Heating power: <60KW (subject to actual power)
4) Power supply voltage: 380V, three-phase, 50Hz
5) Working size: Φ200x200mm
6) Maximum temperature: 2100℃
7) Rated temperature: 2000℃
8) Temperature control accuracy:   ±1℃
9) Protective atmosphere: argon or high-purity nitrogen
10) Foreline pump: 2X-30 mechanical rotary vane pump (Chengdu Nanguang)
11) High vacuum pump: TK-200 diffusion pump (Chengdu Nanguang)
12) Ultimate vacuum: 6×10-3Pa (empty furnace, cold state, purified)
13) Vacuum gauge: Compound vacuum gauge (Chengdu Ruibao)

Three, structure composition
The high vacuum heat treatment furnace is mainly composed of a vacuum furnace body, a heating furnace, a temperature measurement system, a vacuum system, a water cooling system, and a control system.

Four, equipment structure characteristics
1. Furnace
The furnace body adopts a double-layer cylindrical vertical structure with water cooling between the inner and outer walls to ensure that the temperature of the furnace wall is below 55°C. The side of the furnace body is equipped with a vacuum pumping interface, a vacuum charging and discharging valve, etc.
2. Heating insulation system
The heating system uses graphite soft and hard felt as the heat preservation material, graphite tube as the heating element, voltage transformation realizes low-voltage heating, reduces the arc effect, ensures the best temperature uniformity and uniform heating of the workpiece, and facilitates the maintenance and repair of the heating element. For replacement, the heating electrode is specially designed for vacuum sealing to ensure good sealing and insulation with the furnace body.
3. Vacuum system
The vacuum system adopts a TK-200 oil diffusion pump, a 2X-30 rotary vane mechanical pump, a high vacuum butterfly valve, a vacuum gauge tube, a vacuum pressure gauge, a vacuum vent valve, a vacuum pipeline, etc., and an air charging interface is reserved. In order to reduce the vibration of the furnace body, a metal bellows is used for the connection between the vacuum pipeline and the pump, and the vacuum measurement is measured by a composite vacuum gauge.
4. Water cooling system
The water cooling system is composed of chillers, water inlet pipes, return pipes, valves, pipelines, etc. Supply vacuum unit, furnace body, furnace door, etc. through pipelines. To ensure equipment safety. The spare water device of the equipment is provided by the customer, and the spare water flow is ≥10m3/h.
5. Control system
The temperature is controlled by the digital display temperature program controller according to the process curve set by the user to automatically control the temperature, and has the PID self-tuning function, and the temperature can also be controlled manually according to the user's needs.

Five, quality assurance and after-sales service commitment
    1. Our company provides a one-year warranty service for the equipment supplied (except for vulnerable parts). During the warranty period, equipment damage or malfunction caused by the quality of the equipment will be repaired free of charge. After the warranty period expires, lifelong, high-quality maintenance services are still provided.
2. In the event of equipment failure during the use of the equipment, the user can notify the maintenance needs by telephone, writing, fax, e-mail or other methods, and our company will make a solution as soon as possible to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
    3. Our company provides free equipment operation training and simple troubleshooting and maintenance training. Ensure that users are proficient in standard and safe operation of the product, and can handle general faults and the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the normal use of the equipment.
4. Our company's technical staff can provide door-to-door services (product installation and commissioning, machine maintenance, technical explanation and operation guidance, etc.). Our company's technical consultants can answer customers' questions about technology and standards and provide technical guidance at any time.
5. The company can provide transportation services, and the packaging methods are in accordance with standard safe packaging. The accompanying technical information is complete (user manual, warranty manual, relevant information and accessories, random tools, etc.).
    6. All products of our company have the EU CE quality certification.

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After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces