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Vacuum Heat Shield Furnace

Vacuum Heat Shield Furnace

    Application:  Mainly used for vacuum heat treatment of high speed steel, cold and hot die steel, stainless steel, elastic alloy, high temperature alloy, magnetic material and titanium alloy, vacuum brazing and vacuum sintering, bright annealing of stainless steel, etc.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Basic principles and main uses:
Pt-v series vacuum heat shield furnace is a method that can heat materials (usually metal) to a very high temperature, and can carry out brazing, sintering and heat treatment, with high consistency and low pollution.
• highly automated control The process of using the sealing interface of the grinding mouth seal is stable and reliable
• new chamber lining materials. Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
Double furnace design
PID + PLC automatic / manual control
Molybdenum belt heating material
Molybdenum heat shield / heat shield
Combined pump

Vacuum Heat Shield Furnace

Technical parameters of vacuum heat shield:

Model PT-1400-G
max temperature 1400℃ (Higher temperature is available.)
Heating Rate 0-20℃
Heating Element Molybdenum strip
Temperature sensor S-type thermocouple
Insulation Material Molybdenum plate
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Power Supply 110-415V,50/60Hz
Vacuum degree 6.67x10Pa/6.67x10-3Pa
Outside tank Cooled by fans / water
Heating Chamber Size
150*150*150 3.4
150*150*200 4.5
200*200*200 8
200*200*300 12
300*300*300 27
Optional Crucible, Touchscreen, Software
Notes: 1, In order to ensure the longest possible service life of furnace parts, we recommend heating rate no higher than 10deg.C/min.
2, Cooling rate no higher than 5deg.C/min.
3, Toxic or explosive gas is not allowed.
4, It is normal that there will be tiny cracks on the wall of the heating chamber, they won’t affect the performance of the furnace, and can be repaired with alumina coating.
One year warranty with life-time technical support.
Special notes:
1, Consumables like heating element, quartz, crucible and so on are uncovered.
2, Man-made damage and damage caused by misuse are uncovered.
vacuum furnace heat treatment
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