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Sliding tube furnace

Sliding tube furnace

    Application:  Widely used in experiments and small batch production in universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Description:O1iMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
    Sliding tube furnace can heat the sample rapidly in different environment, such as, vacuum, atmosphere, and air. The main application, quick annealing of many kinds of material, silicidation, diffusion, crystallization and densification, etc.O1iMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
1.Features of Sliding tube furnace :
(1). It adopts the dual shell structure and intelligent auto control temperature system, SCR control, phase shifting trigger. 
(2). The chamber is adopted the imported alumina fiber, it is equipped with cooling system between the dual shell, which can rise and cool swiftly
(3). It can be connected to atmosphere, made vacuum, the vacuum pump is optional according to customers’ requirement; 
(4). This furnace possesses the advantage of temperature uniform field, surface low temperature, rising and cooling swift, and well thermal insulation and energy conservation.
O1iMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac

Sliding tube furnace

We have a wide range of different optional function furnace to meet different heating requirement, also we accept customer design furnace R&D working, please email us your specific requirement, we will recommend most reasonable choice for you, thanks! O1iMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac

2.Technical parameters of Sliding tube furnace :O1iMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac

Display LED
Limiting temperature 1200℃
Working temperature ≤1150℃
Heating rate Suggestion 0~20℃/min
Temperature zone Single
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Chamber Size Φ60×1000(mm)
Heating Element  Aludirome
Thermal couple K Type
Rated power 2.5 KW
Working Voltage AC 110V-480V  50/60 Hz 
Temperature control PID automatic control via SCR power control
Heating curves 30 steps programmable
Chamber material Alumina Fiber
Warranty 12 month (exclusive wearing part)

Sliding tube furnace can be customized according to customers’requirements.O1iMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac


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