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Vacuum sublimation equipment

Vacuum sublimation equipment

    Application:  Sublimation of the organic mixture under high vacuum conditions to achieve the purpose of purification (i.e. recrystallization after evaporation)
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
item part specification
Overall size and layout of the equipment Device layout L type
length ≤2700mm
width ≤1600mm
height ≤1800mm
Part order outer quartz tube-filter-Main valve-cold trap-Molecular pump
quartz tube size OD130mm,Length2500mm,Thickness5mm
connection Recessed,Groove height>5mm
sealing falnges & chamber material bright stainless stee tube ( SUS 304  )
protection system Filter Single layer metal mesh
Easy to disassemble,clean and maintain
Cold trap Vacuum compartment type cold trap design
  Easy to disassemble,clean and maintain(hand can reach into the cold trap)
Stainless steel / polished inside & outside
Single outer diameter180-260mm
Equipment base Equipment base, body material Adopt the square tube skeleton base, attached the movable wheel and the horizontal adjustment foot at the bottom,  stainless steel  as the countertop.( SUS 304 )
base height(below heating body) ≤ 800mm
base panel Easy to remove cover plate, cold plate spray
Thermal field  furnace body 6 sections above and below, 12 points to detect temperature
heating zone=200+200+400+200+300+200mm 
interval section= 10mm
distance between Heating furnace side shell and outer tube connection>100mm
temp. max temp software temp control=600°C,
max. temp. of hardware>800°C
Power control module  40A
Warming program module Data can be output, touch screen set temperature program
Furnace brake system Furnace body switch Manually open
Human touch switch
Physical control switch
cooling system Cooling fan High temperature resistant material
Water and electrical requirements electricity voltage 380V,power 22Kw
water 5L/min
gas 气Pneumatic valve need N2,pressure0.6Mpa
Human machine hardware system  touch screen 10.4inch
Software control function Touch screen can add screen lock to prevent accidental touch
Integrate the operation of each pneumatic valve of the equipment, the switch of each component, and the setting of the heating system
automatic mode and manual mode
Main pump Molecular pump FF250/1600G,   pumping rate1600L/s
High vacuum pumping line Main pumping line The vacuum pumping end uses a molecular pump with a diameter of 100mm to directly connect to ensure the high vacuum in the experiment. A plate valve is added in the middle of the diameter straight pipe.
Foreline pump mechanical pump pumping rate30m³/h
Low vacuum pumping line side pumping line The ends of the flapper valve are added with a 16mm diameter thin tube bypass branch to prevent the pumping speed from affecting the direction of molecular diffusion in the initial vacuum, resulting in uneven material.
vacuum degree Low vacuum pump exhaust rate 2x10^-2torr within 20min in main chamber
High vacuum pump exhaust rate 5x10^-6torr within 20min in main chamber after turining on Molecular pump
Pressure test After reaching the ultimate vacuum (5x10^-6torr), close all valves, less than 2x10^-2torr after 30min


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