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Kilogram grade organic semiconductor material purification equipment

Kilogram grade organic semiconductor material purification equipment

    Application:  Sublimation of the organic mixture under high vacuum conditions to achieve the purpose of purification (i.e. recrystallization after evaporation)
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Technical parameter
  1.Heating Element:resistance wire。
  2.no. of heating zoens:5-8zones(customizable),realize A two-point control of a temperature zone to make the temperature field more uniform.
  3.Sublimation zone temperature: room temperature to 800 ℃, continuously adjustable.
  Insulation zone temperature: adjustable from room temperature to 400 ℃; constant temperature temperature fluctuation with time and space is not more than ± 1 ℃ (test method conforms to national measurement standard JJF 1184-2007).
  4.Sublimation boat volume:0.5~10g,50~500g,500~2000g。
  5.Temperature Controller:Adopted PID automatic and double  control by digital  industrial instrument
  6.Paperless record: built-in storage and record of running process data, external USB interface, you can connect a computer to copy data with one click.
  7.Structure:①Can be electrically opened in half, automatically control the cooling and cooling system. Achieve controllable cooling speed.
  ②Equipped with a 2-way high-precision mass flow meter system at the feed end to accurately control the gas flow, which can realize the expansion and adjustment of the production process.
  ③The system adopts an automated process and sets a key operation of the process to reduce human factors. The process reliability can reach 99.9%.
  8.Filter:Three lever filter protection device are various lever microporous metal mesh ,nitrogen condensation embedded ,90-degree angle terraced filtering
  9.outer tube sizeΦ210X2000mm,The cavity adopts a three-layer quartz tube device, which can automatically feed and discharge materials. The structure can ensure that the vacuum chamber tube is not contaminated and maintains a high vacuum degree. The middle layer tube is easy to take and easy to clean. After the sublayer sublimation of the inner layer tube is easy to distinguish, it can ensure the maximum product and purity and yield (the maximum sublimation rate is 97%, which is related to the material and configuration).
  10.The cavity adopts internal temperature control and external temperature control to switch between each other to prevent the uneven temperature field caused by quartz refraction and scattering.
  11.The front end of the equipment adopts quartz sealed observation windows, which can observe the purification of materials in production in all directions without dead angles, and is equipped with a camera system to achieve full monitoring and recording of the production sublimation process.
  12.The vacuum end is directly connected with a molecular pump with a main diameter of 200mm to ensure the high vacuum requirements in the experiment. A plug-in valve is added in the middle of the straight tube of 200mm in diameter. Too much pumping speed in the initial vacuum affects the direction of molecular diffusion, resulting in uneven material.
  13.Fore mechanical pump 60m³/h,Molecular pumping speed160L/S。
  Background vacuum: mechanical pump system: 1Pa molecular pump system 10-4Pa.
Various shaped inner tubes can be purchased
Kilogram grade organic semiconductor material purification equipment


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