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Experimental level sublimation instrument

Experimental level sublimation instrument

    Application:  Sublimation of the organic mixture under high vacuum conditions to achieve the purpose of purification (i.e. recrystallization after evaporation)
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Main Feature:
    1.This organic small molecule purification equipment's (apophorometer)main usage is sublimate organic mixed material to purify(recrystal after evaporation).The main object is organic material with sublimation feature mixed material with low characteristic(such as organic  acousto-opticproduct)or nanometer material.
    2.Our company can manufacture various specifications apophorometer(small molecule purification)equipment like research&equipment,pilot and industralization
Techncial Parameter:
power 5KW
voltage AC 220V Single Phase,50/60 Hz
tube size Φ50*1200mm(OD optional)
normal handing capacity 0.1-50g
sublimation temp. 50-800℃
deposition temp. 50-500℃
heating zone 100+200+100+100+100mm
Temp. Controller PID automatic and double  control by digital  industrial instrument and PLC
Temp. Point 5points temp. control independently
open type Open door type furnace body structure with hydraulic manual opening and closing
ultimate vacuum 5X10-5Pa
molecualr pump rate 100L/S
Filter Multi-level filter protection device are various lever microporous metal mesh ,nitrogen condensation embedded
base vacuum mechanical pump:1Pa
  molecualr pumo:10-3Pa



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