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Can the muffle furnace be opened during use?

    As we all know, muffle furnace is a general heating equipment, which is used for laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutions to conduct element analysis and determination, sintering and dissolution and analysis of ceramics, precise annealing and microcrystallization of glass, precise annealing of crystal, preparation of ceramic glaze, powder metallurgy, sintering of nanomaterials, quenching, annealing and tempering of metal parts and other heat treatments required by rapid temperature rise process.
Many curious friends will ask: can the muffle furnace be opened directly at high temperature? Obviously, this operation is not feasible because:
1. Opening the muffle furnace at high temperature will be harmful to the operators, so as to avoid scalding and hot gas radiation.
2. When the muffle furnace is opened at high temperature, there will be cracks in the insulation material of the furnace hall and the service life will be shortened.
3. Opening the muffle furnace will make the furnace temperature drop rapidly and damage the heating elements
In addition, when using muffle furnace, pay attention to:
1. When it is used for the first time or used again after long-term shutdown, the furnace should be dried, and the furnace temperature should be 200 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ for four hours.
The furnace temperature shall not exceed the blast furnace temperature during long-term use.
2. The electric furnace and controller shall work in a place where the ambient temperature is 0-50 ℃, the relative humidity is not more than 90%, there is no conductive dust, explosive gas and corrosive gas.
3. It is forbidden to pour various liquids and molten metals into the furnace.
4. When taking and placing samples, the power supply shall be cut off to prevent electric shock.
5. When replacing the electric furnace wire, first remove the chimney behind the furnace, open the baffle behind the furnace, take out a piece of insulation brick, and then pull out the furnace core. After replacing the furnace wire, install it as it is.