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How to operate the heat treatment well furnace more safely?

Today, nortech will share with you how to operate the heat treatment well furnace more safely?

    In today's mechanical parts processing industry, well furnaces have good processing effects in metallurgy, physics, chemistry, new energy research and development and other fields. It is the main form of boiler and has many application advantages. At present, the market demand for well furnaces is increasing. It is a widely used heat treatment furnace.
    The operation of the well furnace requires gas or liquid fuel, or electric heating can be used. Small furnaces are usually heated by electric heating, which further improves the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace. In addition, the installation of large stainless steel ventilation device in the electric furnace can also effectively ensure the uniformity of temperature in the furnace. If fuel is used for heating, the furnace cover and furnace body are made of high-temperature resistant fiber cotton, which can effectively insulate the furnace body, save energy, protect the environment, prevent pollution, and reduce production costs. Before starting, the air and formaldehyde in the furnace tube shall be removed to avoid leakage during transportation. In addition, flammable or toxic substances, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen, should be completely burned at the furnace mouth. Before use, check whether the circulating cooling water, bottom stirring fan and furnace cover are normal. After continuous use, please clean up the carbon deposit in time.

    In addition, before use, please ensure that the power connector has good contacts and meets the insulation requirements. When using the resistance furnace with flammable gas, pay attention to safety and avoid explosion. The electric heater outside the furnace shell shall be provided with safe and reliable heat insulation plate. In case of abnormal conditions, the power supply of the main circuit shall be cut off and an alarm shall be given in time. We can provide you with qualified products! How to operate the heat treatment well furnace more safely?