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What are the components of high temperature box furnace

High temperature box furnace is widely used in industry. What are the components? Today I would like to introduce to you:
1. Electric heater: different electric heaters are used as heating elements according to different temperature requirements.
2. Furnace: corundum, alumina, high-purity alumina, imported Morgan fiber, silicon carbide, etc. are commonly used. The heating element can be hung or built around.
3. Furnace lining: the main function of furnace lining is to ensure the stability of furnace temperature and reduce heat loss as much as possible. Insulating materials are used near the furnace shell and refractory materials are used near the heating elements.
4. Furnace shell: generally made of steel plate by welding, and made into different shapes according to needs and different.
5. Power lead: the function of the power lead is to ensure the safe connection between the electric heater and the power supply. It is generally made of copper and requires a certain cross-sectional area, otherwise it will be heated or even burned. The power lead should be insulated from the furnace shell.