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Application scope and precautions of intelligent temperature control lifting furnace

    The intelligent program temperature control lifting furnace has a wide range of applications, and is suitable for chemical analysis, physical measurement research and small batch production in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, laboratories of colleges and universities, etc. It has been widely used in the research and small batch production of battery materials, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, non-ferrous metals, chemical raw materials and other products. It is mainly applicable to special ceramics, structural ceramics, electronic ceramics, functional ceramics, magnetic materials, electronic powders, electronic devices, ferrite core components, zinc oxide valve pieces, thermistors, nano materials and other fields.
Precautions for the use of intelligent program temperature control lifting furnace?
1. After the furnace is used or not used for a long time, so as to avoid cracking of the furnace. The furnace temperature shall not exceed the rated temperature to avoid damaging the heating elements and furnace lining.
2. It is forbidden to directly pour various liquids and dissolved metals into the furnace to keep the furnace clean.
3. If the furnace body uses silicon molybdenum rod as the heating element, according to the physical characteristics of silicon molybdenum rod, it is very brittle at room temperature. Therefore, the furnace body cannot be disassembled and moved at will after the heating element is installed.
4. When using the cold furnace, because the furnace is cold and needs to absorb a lot of heat, the temperature rise rate in the low temperature section is not easy to be too fast, and the temperature rise rate difference in each temperature section is not easy to be too large. When setting the temperature rise rate, full consideration should be given to the physical and chemical properties of the sintered materials to avoid spraying and polluting the furnace.
5. Regularly check whether the electrical connection part of the temperature control system is in good contact, and pay special attention to whether the connection points of the heating elements are fastened.
6. When the silicon molybdenum rod is used as a heating element, it should not be operated for a long time, otherwise the silicon molybdenum rod will be oxidized at low temperature.
7. When the silicon carbide rod is used as a heating element, the resistance value will gradually increase after long-time operation. This phenomenon is called "aging". After the furnace operates for a period of time, due to the aging of silicon carbide rods, the heating rate and ideal temperature of the furnace will not reach the original value. Please adjust the OPH value appropriately and observe that the main current of the ammeter is at the appropriate size. When individual components are damaged and need to be replaced due to some medium reason, select and supplement components with appropriate resistance value according to the increase of resistance value of other components at that time, and do not replace new components at will. If the components are damaged more or the resistance value increases too much, and the required furnace temperature cannot be reached, all components shall be replaced with new ones.