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What are the components of RTP rapid annealing furnace

What are the components of RTP rapid annealing furnace? Today, Nuotai technology will give you a simple analysis:
RTP rapid annealing furnace is mainly composed of vacuum chamber, heating chamber, air inlet system, vacuum system, temperature control system, air cooling system, water cooling system, etc.

1. Vacuum chamber: the vacuum chamber is the working space of the rapid annealing furnace, where the wafer is subjected to rapid heat treatment.
2. Heating chamber: the heating chamber uses multiple infrared tubes as heating elements, high-temperature alloy as the frame, and high-purity quartz as the main body.
3. Air intake system: there is an air inlet at the tail of the vacuum chamber, and the controlled air intake is used to meet the gas requirements of some special processes.
4. Vacuum system: a high vacuum solenoid valve is installed between the vacuum pump and the vacuum chamber, which can effectively ensure the vacuum degree of the chamber and avoid gas backflow polluting the processed workpiece in the chamber.
5. Temperature control system: the temperature control system is composed of temperature sensor, temperature controller, power regulator, programmable controller, PC and various sensors.
6. Air cooling system: the cooling of the vacuum chamber is to fill the chamber with inert gas through the air inlet system to accelerate the cooling of the heat-treated workpiece and meet the process requirements.
7. Water cooling system: the water cooling system mainly includes the cooling water for vacuum chamber, heating chamber and sealing rings at all parts.