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Briefly describe the failure of vacuum furnace and matters needing attention later

Today, let's analyze the failure of the vacuum furnace and the precautions in the later period.

    During the long-term use of the vacuum furnace, various problems usually occur, such as the failure of the vacuum furnace and the problems of attention in the later period. The following Nuotai Technology will introduce you in detail:

A vacuum furnace is a device for heating in a vacuum environment. It is generally composed of a furnace chamber, an electric heating device, a sealed furnace shell, a vacuum system, a power supply system and a temperature control system. Vacuum furnaces are divided into vacuum resistance furnaces and vacuum induction furnaces according to heating elements.

Vacuum furnaces generally have more leakage failures in spring and autumn, and vacuum furnaces that have been idle for a long time are more prone to leakage failures when they are used for the first time. At this time, vacuum leak detection must be carried out. Vacuum leak detection generally adopts a monthly pressure rise rate measurement (at normal temperature, close all vacuum valves, stop the operation of the vacuum system, read a number after 10 minutes, read a number after 1 hour, two The difference between the numbers is the value of the pressure rise rate), and grasp the changing trend of equipment leakage. For example, if the vacuum equipment is continuously shut down for a week, it needs to be idling once (for oven).

Precautions for the use of vacuum furnace:
1. Workpiece - The workpiece car must be cleaned and dried before entering the furnace to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the furnace.
2. When the transmission parts are found to be stuck in position, the limit is inaccurate, and the control is out of order, they should be eliminated immediately, and do not force the operation to avoid damage to the parts.

If you still have questions about the failure of the vacuum furnace and the precautions in the later period, you can contact us directly.