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1 minute to let everyone understand the lift furnace

Today, Zhengzhou Protech company will share with you the relevant introduction of the lifting furnace:

    Usually, the control panel of the lifting furnace is equipped with an intelligent temperature regulator, which controls the power switch, the main heating work/stop button, the voltage, the ammeter, and the computer interface, so as to observe the working status of the system at any time. Integrated circuit, good working environment, the furnace shell temperature is less than or equal to 45 ℃ when the temperature is high, which greatly improves the working environment, microcomputer program control, programmable curve, automatic heating/cooling, and the temperature control parameters of Guoju precision electric furnace can be modified during operation And program, flexible and convenient, easy to operate.

    Elevating furnace temperature control accuracy: ±1°C without overshoot Constant temperature accuracy: ±1°C. The heating rate is fast.

    The furnace materials of the lifting furnace are all made of vacuum-formed high-purity alumina materials, which have high operating temperature, small heat storage, resistance to rapid heat and rapid cooling, no cracks, no slag loss, and good thermal insulation performance.

The following is the introduction of heating elements:

    Silicon molybdenum rod electric heating element is a resistance heating element based on molybdenum silicide. The sintered molybdenum silicide product is heated to a high temperature in an oxidizing atmosphere, and a dense quartz glass film is formed on the surface, which can keep the product from being oxidized. Therefore, the silicon molybdenum rod element has a unique high temperature oxidation resistance. The operating temperature is 1750°C in an oxidizing atmosphere. In addition, it should be noted that the mechanical system of the silicon molybdenum rod element is the same as other ceramic products. It is a brittle material and is easy to break at normal temperature, but it can be avoided if it is used properly and installed properly.

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