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Precautions for the use of high temperature experimental furnace

High-temperature experimental furnaces are mainly used in laboratories of various universities and colleges, laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, for chemical analysis, physical determination, sintering and dissolution of metals and ceramics, and heating, roasting, drying, and heat treatment of small steel parts. It is an experimental electric furnace with a wide range of uses.
Pay attention to when operating the high temperature experimental furnace:
1. The operating temperature shall not exceed the rated high temperature of the box furnace.
2. When filling and fetching test materials, the power supply must be cut off first to prevent electric shock. In addition, the opening time of the furnace door should be as short as possible when loading and taking samples to prevent the furnace from being damp and thus reduce the service life of the electric furnace.
3. It is forbidden to pour any liquid into the furnace.
4. Do not put the sample stained with water and oil into the furnace.