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Introduction of vacuum pressure sintering furnace

Recently, many friends are asking about the pressure sintering furnace. Today, PT Technology will briefly share with you what a pressure sintering furnace is.

     The pressure sintering furnace usually adopts a top-opening furnace door and a double-layer shell structure. The silicon carbide rod is the heating element. It adopts an intelligent temperature control system, thyristor control, and high temperature control accuracy; the furnace adopts high-quality vacuum adsorption molding. Alumina polycrystalline fiber inorganic material.

Next, let's understand the main functions and characteristics of the down-pressure sintering furnace:

1. The heating elements are arranged in a surrounding manner on all sides, and the temperature field is uniform;

2. The top-opening furnace door structure has the function of opening the door and cutting off power to ensure the safety of the experimental operation;

3. The furnace is made of high-quality alumina polycrystalline fiber formed by vacuum adsorption, with low shrinkage, low thermal conductivity, good heat preservation effect, durability and energy saving;

4. The heating element adopts high-quality silicon carbide rods, which greatly improves the service life;

5. Over temperature alarm and power off, leakage protection, safe and reliable operation;