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What are the characteristics of vacuum heat treatment furnaces?

Today I will share with you what are the characteristics of the vacuum heat treatment furnace?
vacuum heat treatment furnace
    Vacuum heat treatment is a comprehensive technology that combines vacuum and heat treatment. It means that the part of the heat treatment process is carried out in vacuum. The vacuum heat treatment furnace has high thermal efficiency, can complete rapid rise and soft temperature reduction, can complete no oxidation, no decarburization, no carburization, can remove the phosphorus chips on the surface of the workpiece, and has the functions of degreasing and degassing, so as to achieve the effect of surface bright purification.
    The vacuum heat treatment process means that all and part of the heat treatment process is carried out in a vacuum state. my country divides vacuum into low, medium, high and ultra-high vacuum. At present, the working vacuum of most vacuum heat treatment furnaces is 1.33~1.33×103Pa. Vacuum heat treatment can almost complete all heat treatment processes, such as quenching, annealing, tempering, carburizing and nitriding. In the quenching process, gas quenching, oil quenching, nitrate quenching, water quenching, etc. can be completed. Vacuum brazing, Sintering, surface treatment, etc.
    Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology has developed vacuum heat treatment furnaces, vacuum sintering furnaces and vacuum annealing furnaces specifically for the needs of the vacuum heat treatment market. After years of continuous upgrading, Nuotai Technology's technology in vacuum heat treatment furnaces has become increasingly mature, and has been successfully applied by many domestic enterprises.