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Introduction of Continuous Rotary Multifunctional Sintering Furnace

Today I will give you a brief introduction to the continuous rotary multifunctional sintering furnace

     The continuous rotary multifunctional sintering furnace is a kind of equipment that can change the chambers to complete the sintering of the workpiece under the vacuum state.

     The equipment is mainly composed of three working rooms, a dewaxing chamber, a sintering chamber and a cooling chamber. The three chambers have a vertical structure, and the bottom is a rotary loading tray. The lower part of the tray is aligned with the upper three chambers and there are three feeding cylinders, which can be used at any time. The material is sent to the upper part for operation according to the needs. The dewaxing chamber is an external heating chamber muffle tank structure, and there is a cold well connected with the muffle tank outside. So that the removed oil and wax enter the cold well and be eliminated. The chamber is an internal heating chamber with a high vacuum independent structure, and uses molybdenum wires and molybdenum insulation screens, so it ensures the cleanliness of the sintering environment and improves the quality of the products.The cooling chamber is a high-flow rate water-cooled heat exchanger structure.

     Since the sintered workpiece is moved from the hot chamber to the cold chamber, there is no need to cool down the entire heating chamber, which ensures that the heat energy of the heating chamber provides heat energy for the secondary heating.