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How to use box-type resistance furnace

Nuotai Technology will share with you how to use the box-type resistance furnace
box-type resistance furnace
1. The electric stove must be placed on a flat workbench in the room. The thermostat should avoid vibration, and the place should not be too close to the electric furnace to prevent overheating and preventing the electronic components from working properly. The power switch should be set to "off" when moving the thermostat.

2. Adjust the setting pointer of the temperature indicator to the required working temperature, turn on the power, press the power switch to energize the electric furnace, at this time the ammeter has a reading, and the temperature indicator pointer gradually rises, indicating that the electric furnace and the thermostat are both Is working normally.

3. When using an electric furnace, the furnace temperature should not exceed the rated temperature to avoid damage to the heating element.

4. When the electric furnace is used for the first time or used again after a long period of inactivity, it must be oven dried: open the oven door at 20~200℃ for 4h, and close the door at 200~600℃ for 4h.

5. Regularly check whether the connection parts of the electric furnace and the thermostat's conductive system are in good contact. In the event of a fault, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and repaired by professional maintenance personnel.

6. It is forbidden to directly pour various liquids and molten metals into the furnace, and always keep the furnace clean.