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Basic conditions for carbonization furnace

Today we will give you a brief introduction to the basic conditions that a carbonization furnace needs:

    With the development of global science and technology, composite materials are more and more widely used, and carbon fiber materials are even more important in composite materials. The manufacturing process of carbon fiber materials is inseparable from the carbonization process. The carbonization process includes high-temperature carbonization and low-temperature carbonization. The working temperature of high-temperature carbonization is between 1400°C and 1800°C, and the working temperature of some newer ultra-high-temperature carbonization processes reaches above 1800°C.
carbonization furnace
    In such a high temperature process, the following properties of processing equipment are particularly important
    1) Heating uniformity. Due to the high working temperature of the process, if the heating is uneven, it is very easy to cause local overheating of the parts to be processed.

    2) Insulation capacity. For high-temperature processes, if effective insulation is not carried out, energy consumption will be greatly increased and work efficiency will be reduced.
    3) Cooling capacity. Although the process requires high temperature, the high temperature of the equipment cannot be radiated to the surroundings so as not to affect the surrounding environment and staff. The high-temperature carbonization furnace in the prior art has shortcomings in the above-mentioned performance.