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How to choose the tube furnace that suits you

The tube furnace of Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology is developed by international advanced technology. It is a new type of high energy-saving and high-performance electric furnace. There are many types of tube furnaces, such as single tube, double tube, horizontal, Vertical, dual temperature zone, single temperature zone and three temperature zone, etc. Tube furnaces are widely used, so how should we choose the furnace type when using tube furnaces?

Here are a few simple items for you, hoping to help you:
   1. When the design load is less than 1MW, a pure radiant tube furnace should be selected, and a pure radiant cylindrical furnace should be preferred. When the tube furnace group shares a combined waste heat recovery system and a reformer heating furnace is required, this is not necessary.

  2. When the design load is 1~30MW, the radiation-convection type cylindrical furnace should be selected first. When the design load is greater than 30MW, it is necessary to carry out economic comparison through technology, and choose a cylindrical furnace, vertical furnace, box furnace or other furnace types with tubes in the middle of the furnace.

3. If the heated medium has a large gasification rate, heavy, easy to coke, or special process requirements, horizontal tube vertical furnaces should be selected. If the heated medium is easy to pull out crystals, or if it contains solid substances, it should be selected. Spiral tube cylinder furnace.

  4. When the heated medium has a chemical reaction, the temperature in the furnace should be compatible with the chemical reaction process in the tube, and a box furnace with a single-row tube and double-sided radiation should be selected.

  5. Furnace tubes are expensive. It is required to provide the surface utilization rate of the furnace tubes, or it is required to reduce the heating area and shorten the length of the process to reduce the pressure drop. The furnace type with single-row tubes and double-sided radiation should be selected.

6. When the heated medium uses the gaseous phase as the continuous phase, the volume flow is large, and the pressure drop is small, it is suitable to choose the manifold vertical tube type, inverted U-shaped, U-shaped or ∏-shaped coil structure box furnace, small load It is also possible to use a riser cylinder furnace where the coil is connected to the manifold.

   If you have tube furnace needs, you can directly contact our online customer service to recommend suitable products to you more easily and quickly.