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Introduction of rotary tube furnace

Today we come to learn about the rotary tube furnace, first of all, we first understand its use.

     The rotary tube furnace is suitable for the production equipment for carbonization and activation of activated carbon materials. It is also suitable for lithium iron phosphate, lithium battery anode materials, metal powders, etc. in an oxidizing (such as air) or reducing atmosphere (such as a nitrogen-hydrogen mixture) The sintering reaction is also suitable for the oxidative treatment of catalyst supports in the chemical industry and high-tech materials such as graphene, nanomaterials, and rare earths.

Structure introduction:

1. The outer shell is welded by steel plate ring, placed on the bracket made of angle iron, and the furnace body can be rotated. Surface electrostatic spraying. The furnace is made of high-temperature resistant materials, and the heating element is high-quality iron-chromium-aluminum alloy wire. The insulation material is high-quality ceramic fiber.

2. The control part adopts digital display automatic control. It can also be equipped with a PID intelligent controller according to the needs of users, and can set 50 sections of heating and heat preservation curves. With over-temperature alarm function.

Features of rotary tube furnace:

High temperature control accuracy, high degree of automation, material turning movement, low energy consumption, high output, low pollution, continuous metaplasia.