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Basic knowledge of maintenance and prevention of high temperature muffle furnace

    Basic knowledge of maintenance and prevention of high temperature muffle furnace:
    The cyclic operation mode of the muffle furnace is used for general small steel parts for heat treatment such as laboratory analysis, industrial and mining enterprises, element analysis and determination scientific research units, quenching, annealing, and tempering. The high-temperature muffle furnace can also be used to sinter and dissolve metals and ceramics. Analysis and other high temperature heating.
high temperature muffle furnace
1. It should be placed on a solid cement table, and there should be no flammable and explosive materials around.

2. When melting samples in the furnace or burning precipitates with alkaline substances, the operating conditions should be strictly controlled. It is best to pre-coat a layer of refractory board on the bottom of the furnace to prevent corrosion of the furnace.

Maintenance and precautions:
1. The muffle furnace must be dried after being used for the first time or after long-term use. The oven should be placed at room temperature to 200°C for 4 hours. 200°C to 600°C for 4 hours. When in use, the maximum furnace temperature should not exceed the rated temperature to avoid burning the heating element. It is forbidden to inject various liquids and easily soluble metals into the furnace. The muffle furnace is best to work at a temperature below the maximum temperature of 50°C. At this time, the muffle furnace has a longer service life.

2. The muffle furnace and controller must work in a place where the relative temperature does not exceed 85% and there is no conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosive gas. When it is necessary to heat metal materials such as grease, a large amount of volatile gas will affect and corrode the surface of the electric heating component, causing damage and shortening the life. Therefore, when heating, it should be prevented and sealed in time or properly opened and eliminated.

3. The muffler controller should be used within the ambient temperature range of 0-40°C.

4. According to technical requirements, regularly check whether the electric furnace and controller wiring are in good condition, and indicate whether the pointer is stuck when moving. Use a potentiometer to check whether the instrument has magnets, demagnetization, wire drawing, shrapnel, etc. Errors caused by fatigue, balance damage, etc. increase.

5. The thermocouple should not be pulled out at high temperature to avoid bursting of the jacket.