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How much do you know about the characteristics of the experimental electric furnace?

Experimental electric furnace also known as batch electric furnace
Experimental electric furnace
    The experimental electric furnace is this kind of economical heating furnace for rapid temperature rise, low empty consumption, and strong temperature control.

    For this reason, the laboratory electric furnace also has its own distinctive name:
 1 Ceramic fiber furnace, full fiber insulation layer. The high-quality refractory fiber cotton insulation board encapsulates the furnace, which reduces the heat loss and also has the effect of greatly saving electricity.
 2. Furnace body heating components are made of high-quality silicon molybdenum rods, and their respective vertical suspensions are installed on both sides of the furnace. They are processed by multi-functional molds to ensure that they are not damaged during processing. The suspension type has a structure that is convenient to install, maintain, and It can be dismantled and replaced quickly, and will never form a thermal short circuit with the furnace shell and cause local overheating of the furnace shell. To ensure that the fiber surface does not directly touch the silicon molybdenum rod, thereby increasing the heating effect of the silicon molybdenum rod. 
3 The experimental electric furnace can also be equipped with programmable temperature control instruments, and choose to configure a color touch screen plc system, which has complete functions, intuitive Chinese and easy to control; it can be configured according to user requirements for computer remote control, desktop, notebook remote monitoring, and office control.