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How to check the failure of our box furnace without heating up?

When the muffle furnace and box furnace are in normal operation, the temperature suddenly drops and the temperature cannot be kept constant.
muffle furnace and box furnace

1. Turn off the main power switch.
2. Disconnect the main power supply.
3. Let the muffle furnace cool naturally.
4. When the temperature in the muffle furnace returns to normal temperature. Turn on the main power switch and observe whether the digital display of the temperature meter is symptom-free. Is the conversion of red light and signal light normal? If there is no problem, it means there is no problem with the temperature control instrument.
5. Turn off the main power switch, use a universal meter to measure the muffle furnace, the terminal on the back of the box furnace, and determine whether the resistance value is OK.
6. Turn on the controller to measure whether the contacts of the AC contactor can reliably suck.
After checking several stages, the most difficult thing is the AC contactor. His quality directly affects the period of use.