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Take you to understand the structure of the experimental electric furnace

     Experimental electric furnace, this kind of low energy consumption experimental electric furnace shell structure. The outer cover is composed of a frame, a removable buckle plate and a buckle ring plate. The track supports a removable inner housing. The cover is equipped with a furnace and heat insulation layer that can be joined by the plates. The outer cover is equipped with a heat reflector, and the inner housing Between the energy reflector and the energy reflector is an air insulation layer.
Experimental electric furnace
    The brick-free hearth is mainly composed of splicing lightweight refractory fiber plates, which makes full use of the low heat capacity of the refractory fiberboard. It not only helps to reduce the total weight of the hearth structure and the overall weight of the experimental electric furnace, but also helps shorten the temperature rise time of the furnace. The arrangement of the inner cover makes the furnace structure a relatively independent component, which can be separated from the furnace wall for easy maintenance. The multi-sided thermal energy reflector significantly improves the thermal insulation effect of the electric furnace, and the ambient temperature of the furnace wall is significantly reduced. By comparison, the experimental electric furnace adopting this structure can save about 30% of electric energy compared with the current electric furnace of the same specification. It has the prominent advantages of reasonable configuration, significant energy saving effect and convenient furnace structure maintenance.3RtMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac