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Tips to prolong the service life of high temperature furnace

     High-temperature furnaces are frequently used in daily work, so like frequently used equipment, necessary maintenance work is essential. However, in addition to maintenance work, correct operation methods can also extend the service life of high-temperature furnaces to a large extent. Below we will share three methods to extend the service life of high-temperature furnaces.

box resistance furnace

1. When the electric furnace is used for the first time or used again after long-term deactivation, the oven must be dried: adjust the electric furnace to standard power according to the controller's instructions for use, and must be performed before use after the first use or long-term non-use The furnace is dried to prevent the furnace and the door from expanding and contracting too much and breaking.

2. Each terminal inside the thermostat and the power connection wire between the furnace body and the thermostat must be twisted firmly to avoid poor contact damaging electrical components. Regularly check the firmness of each terminal and maintain the furnace before and after each use. Internal cleaning can also extend the life to a certain extent.

3. During use, make sure that there is no conductive dust, explosive gas, and corrosive gas that can seriously damage metal and insulation, and prevent moist, flammable and explosive items from being baked in the furnace, and the thermostat should be kept in the furnace as much as possible Outside 30cm, handle the heated materials gently to prevent friction from damaging the furnace.

   It’s not enough to do all of the above, but also to clean the high temperature furnace regularly. There are two cleaning methods as follows

   1. Use protective gas to drive out the air in the furnace:

   (1) The protective gas should generally be passed into the furnace before the electric furnace is heated;

   (2) The shielding gas can be introduced through the upper, lower, and rear three furnace cleaning ports. The needle valve of the exhaust port should be opened to the maximum to facilitate the exhaust of the furnace air as soon as possible;

   (3) Generally, a protective gas of about 10 times the furnace volume is passed into the furnace, and the life-span tips can reduce the oxygen concentration in the furnace to about 10ppm;

   (4) When the oxygen concentration in the furnace meets the product process requirements, the needle valve of the exhaust port can be closed down, the high-temperature furnace can be extended to save the protective gas, and the furnace washing port can be closed, and the air inlet will enter through the flow meter;

   (5) During the use of the electric furnace, positive pressure must be maintained in the furnace to prevent air outside the furnace from entering the furnace.

   2. Pre-evacuating with a vacuum pump:

   (1) Connect any air outlet to the vacuum hose;

   (2) Pre-vacuum the furnace cavity;

   (3) Pass in protective gas;

   (4) Pre-evacuate the furnace cavity.

   Finally, friends who have questions about high-temperature furnace technology and daily operation and maintenance are welcome to consult us at any time! Whether you use our products or not, we will answer you one by one in detail.