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How should the atmosphere furnace realize automatic air intake and automatic pressure relief

The atmosphere furnace is a well-known high-temperature experimental equipment that can provide atmosphere protection and various atmosphere environments, and can also be used for production.

     But users want to have a stable atmosphere. How to automatically stabilize the pressure in the furnace and replenish the gas in time has become a function that many users care about.
atmosphere heat treatment furnace
     One solenoid valve controls the air intake and the other solenoid valve controls the pressure relief. When the pressure gauge detects that the pressure is lower than a certain set pressure, it will give an electrical signal to the solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve is turned on, the air source will add gas to the atmosphere furnace. When the pressure in the atmosphere furnace returns to the set value, the electromagnetic The valve is closed and no more gas is passed in. The same principle can realize automatic pressure relief. This cycle of work ensures the stability and sufficient gas in the furnace.

     In fact, the principle is simple, but the coordination of various electrical appliances and the sealing of the air pipe joints are all details that must be carefully considered.

     If it is equipped with a gas mixing system, the effect will be better, and it can be automated to a large extent, freeing experimenters' time and space, and the control is more precise and precise.