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Atmosphere furnace undergoes process test and maintenance work

Today, I will give you a brief talk about the process test and maintenance of the atmosphere furnace. It can be divided into the following points:
lab vacuum furnace
   1. The atmosphere furnace shall not exceed the rated power when in use, and the temperature of the atmosphere furnace shall not exceed the maximum operating temperature. It is forbidden to put wet workpieces into the furnace. Heated workpieces with excessive moisture should be dried in advance.
   2. Keep the furnace atmosphere clean, and remove the metal oxides, slag and impurities in the atmosphere furnace in time. Be careful when loading and unloading workpieces to prevent damage to the silicon molybdenum rods and other original parts in the atmosphere furnace.
         3. Silicon molybdenum rod alkali, alkali metal, silicic acid and boron compound can corrode it at high temperature, water vapor has a strong oxidizing effect on it, hydrogen and gas containing a large amount of hydrogen will decompose silicon molybdenum rod at high temperature , You must pay careful attention when using,
   4. The workshop must be equipped with 1/2 pipe with a water source back force of 0.2MPa.
   5. Connect the gas filling port to fill CO2 and other protective gases. When the pressure gauge of the atmosphere furnace indicates 0.02~0.04MPa, stop filling.
   6. ​​Through the investigation of the flow of the atmosphere furnace and control the temperature of the water outlet at 40℃cgh.
   7. Regularly check whether the contact of each terminal is good.
   8. Set the temperature according to the process, energize to heat and keep warm.
   9. When the furnace temperature rises, you should always pay attention to it. The pressure is long and the vent valve is opened intermittently to make the pressure in the furnace bladder below 0.1MPa. At this time, the oily smoke and other impurities in the bladder can be discharged.
         10. Carry out bright annealing, open the bleed valve when the temperature rises, and then fill with the protective gas, the flow rate will change from small to large, when the pressure in the atmosphere furnace is positive, all valves will be closed. This process should be tested by Skilled workers master.