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New vacuum furnace-vacuum heating furnace

The vacuum heating furnace has a new model. This year, Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology has made great efforts to transform and upgrade the products in the vacuum heating equipment.

   Vacuum heating furnace application field: This equipment is mainly used for fiber welding of high-content heat-resistant alloys such as copper, nickel, gold, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, and is also suitable for welding various refractory alloys or dissimilar metals such as titanium, niobium, and copper , During the whole welding process, the parts are in a vacuum atmosphere, which has the advantages of non-oxidation, non-polluting, and small deformation. It does not use flux, does not cause pores, slag inclusion, and does not corrode the workpiece. It can maintain multiple fiber welding and multiple components. High-efficiency technological means with welding.
1. All functions of the temperature control meter can be operated on the touch screen, and the memory card is embedded, which can be taken out and printed on the computer. The temperature curve and time setting can be adjusted directly on the touch screen panel. All electrical functions are manipulated through the touch screen, and all temperature curves can be called out, printed and stored for repair at any time. Historical data can be stored for up to ten years. The thyristor shifts the phase and adjusts the voltage to control the heating, and it stops automatically at the end of the execution program, without being on duty.
2. Control accuracy of vacuum heating furnace: ±0.1℃%
3. The furnace of the vacuum heating furnace is precision welded with stainless steel plates, which is not rusty, makes the furnace clean, dust-free, and does not deform under high temperature conditions. There is a hot air circulation system in the furnace, and the furnace door adopts automatic opening (closing)
4. Fast heating, environmental protection and energy saving, high precision, stable performance index, good heat insulation effect.
5. The temperature categories are: 600℃, 700℃, 800℃, 900℃
6. There is a cooling water system inside, air cooling system, air cooling system, to ensure faster cooling speed. The furnace temperature is close to room temperature
vacuum heating furnace
   Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology's products include vacuum furnaces, experimental tube furnaces, box-type muffle furnaces, vacuum sintering annealing furnaces, vacuum heating furnaces, and many other equipment. There must be something that meets your needs. Welcome your consultation.