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How to install the experimental electric furnace

Today, Nuotai technical staff will show you how to install the experimental electric furnace.

1. First of all, the experimental electric furnace does not need to be specially installed, just lay it flat on the floor in the room. The control board should be placed on the workbench, and the inclination of the work surface shall not exceed 5 degrees. The minimum distance between the control board and the electric furnace shall not be less than 0.5 meters. The control board should not be placed on the electric stove to prevent it from affecting the normal operation of the control board.

2. The load capacity of the power cord, switch and fuse connected to the control board and the experimental electric furnace should be slightly higher than the rated power of the experimental electric furnace.

3. When wiring the experimental electric furnace, first loosen the screws on the left and right sides of the controller shell, then turn the cover up, and connect the power cord as shown. The connection between the control board and the electric furnace and the thermocouple connection line (preferably Use compensation wire). Insert the thermocouple into the furnace from the small hole of the thermocouple holder, and block the gap between the hole and the thermoelectric with asbestos rope, and then fix it. (Note: The phase of the power supply and the neutral line cannot be reversed, for safe operation , The control board and electric furnace must be reliably grounded)

4. After checking that the wiring of the experimental electric furnace is correct, the power can be turned on. First, turn on the power switch of the experimental electric furnace, and then pull the toggle switch on the control board panel to the open position, adjust the setting button, and set the temperature to the degree you need On, if the setting switch is pulled to the measurement position, the red light is off (NO), there is also the sound of the contactor, the electric furnace is energized, the ammeter indicates the heating current value, and the temperature rises slowly as the temperature in the furnace rises, indicating the work Everything is normal. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, the red light is off (NO), the green light is on (YES), the electric furnace is automatically powered off, and the temperature is stopped. Later, when the temperature in the furnace drops slightly, the green light is off, and the red light is Lights up, the electric furnace is automatically energized again. It repeats itself to achieve the purpose of automatically controlling the temperature in the furnace.
experimental electric furnace
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