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How to distinguish a good box furnace

How to distinguish a good box furnace? Today Nuotai Technology will give you a few simple methods. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to choose box furnace.
    1. The 30-segment microcomputer temperature controller with program of the box furnace, non-contact temperature control, temperature control, reliable, set the temperature, the temperature in the furnace directly digital display information.

 2. The mouth of the box furnace and the control panel of the box body are made of stainless steel to ensure high quality and low price.
good muffle furnace
 3. The overall design of the special door of the box furnace makes the opening and closing of the furnace easy to use. After it is opened, the surface of the furnace does not face the user at high temperature, and the furnace opening is in the shape of a platform, where electric heating objects can be placed.

 4. After the furnace mouth of the box furnace is opened or closed, the electric heating system will be automatically disconnected or connected immediately to ensure the safety of the user.