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Microcomputer programmable Rotary tube furnace

Microcomputer programmable Rotary tube furnace

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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Name Rotary tube furnace (open type, the furnace body can be tilted)
Model KGDWL-1000
Furnace tube size Alloy steel pipe with outer diameter of 33* inner diameter of 27mm 
Number of temperature zones Three temperature zones
Temperature zone length 250+ partition+250 partition+250+ partition (mm)
Working temperature Less than or equal to 1000℃
Max.temperature 1000℃
Temperature Control System 30-segment PID microcomputer programmable automatic control, plus software can realize computer temperature control
Temperature control accuracy plus or minus 2℃
Temperature control protection With over temperature protection function
heating rate 0~10℃/minute
Heating element U-shaped silicon carbide rod
Rotation control Furnace tube rotation speed: 0~15 rpm
Furnace tilt angle  0~15℃
Operating Voltage AC 220V single phase 50HZ
Maximum power 6KW
Furnace material Alumina fiber material, the material has good thermal insulation performance, high reflectivity, balanced temperature field, and strong resistance to thermal expansion and contraction
Temperature measuring element S-type thermocouple temperature measurement
Provide related accessories 1 pair of high temperature gloves, 1 crucible hook, 2 furnace plugs
special requirements
  1. Install a 300*400mm storage board on the side of the furnace .
  2. Electric control is concentrated on the side electric control cabinet.
  3. Add an embedded computer.
After-sales service 12 months warranty (except for consumable parts and man-made damage), lifetime warranty
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After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces