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1100℃ Rotary Tube Furnace

1100℃ Rotary Tube Furnace

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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Main technical parameters of the equipment:
Product Name 1100℃ Rotary Tube Furnace
Product Model: PT-T1100-H100-X
Furnace material Furnace using alumina polycrystalline fiber
Furnace tube size Φ100×440mm
Heating zone 440mm
Furnace tube material 310S stainless steel tube
Working temperature 650℃
Maximum temperature 1100℃
Heating element Molybdenum resistance wire
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control method: intelligent 30-segment PID programmable control
Temperature control protection with over temperature protection function
Flange joint Equipped with two stainless steel vacuum flanges, a mechanical pressure gauge has been installed, and both ends of the furnace tube are insulated with high-temperature cotton
Sealing system The furnace tube and flange are extruded and sealed by silicone O-ring, which is easy to remove, can be removed repeatedly, has good air tightness, and can be vented with argon, nitrogen and other gases
Heating rate 0-20℃/min, 10℃/min recommended
Tilt angle 0-15 degrees (adjustable)
Rotation structure Adopt industrial rotation method, the furnace tube can rotate at 360℃
Working voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Design power 3KW
Temperature Test Element Type K Thermocouple
Provide related accessories Crucible hook, high temperature gloves, thermocouple, furnace plug, instruction manual, warranty card, etc.
After-sales service 12-month warranty, lifetime warranty (except wearing parts)


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After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces