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850℃ high pressure tube furnace

850℃ high pressure tube furnace

    Application:  Suitable for various scientific researches in laboratories requiring high temperature and high pressure environment and precise control of high temperature and high pressure conditions
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Product introduction:
The PT-T1200-H60K-G high-pressure tube furnace is an open tube furnace. The furnace tube is made of 301S stainless steel tube, with flanges and control valves. The two temperature zones are respectively controlled by two independent temperature control systems. To control and all are PID30 section programmed temperature control. It is specially designed to complete the special synthesis process under oxidizing or inert atmosphere under the working conditions of 2MPa high pressure temperature up to 800℃. The PT-T1200-H60K-G high-pressure tubular electric furnace adopts a double-layer shell structure with an air cooling system. The furnace uses high-purity alumina fiber to minimize energy loss. The aluminum radiator is installed on the shell. Hold the furnace tube so that the flange temperature is less than <80°C, and the inner furnace surface is coated with high-temperature alumina coating to improve the heating efficiency of the equipment and also extend the service life of the instrument.
It is suitable for various scientific researches in laboratories requiring high temperature and high pressure environment and precise control of high temperature and high pressure conditions. It can be widely used in experiments such as the synthesis of new materials such as piezoelectric ceramics, ferroelectric superconducting materials, magnetic materials, and superhard materials, and rapid sintering of materials.
Technical parameter:
Product name: 850℃ high pressure tube furnace
Product model: KJ-T1200-H60K-G
Working temperature :≤850 ℃
Furnace tube length: Φ60×1000mm
Heating zone length: 440mm
The temperature control system: adopts PID method to adjust, can set 30 sections of temperature rise and fall programs
Temperature control:protection with over-temperature and broken couple alarm function
Temperature control accuracy: ± 1℃
Heating rate: 0~20 ℃ / min
Heating element: molybdenum-doped iron-chromium-aluminum resistance wire
Working voltage: AC 208-240 single phase, 50/60 Hz
Maximum power :3 KW
Vacuum sealing system: Both ends of the furnace tube are sealed with CF flanges, and the sealing ring is red copper or oxygen-free copper sealing ring
Furnace tube pressure: The pressure and temperature must be considered when the instrument is working
Positive pressure 1.5MPa 800℃
2MPa 700℃
3MPa 650℃
4MPa 600℃
Negative pressure 1E-2 torr (mechanical pump)
5E-6 torr (Molecular pump)
Temperature measurement element“” K-type thermocouple temperature measurement
Air tightness“” 4.03×10-3Pa
Net weight“” 40 Kg
Furnace tube“” 310S stainless steel
Provide related accessories: vacuum pump, vacuum flange, vacuum gauge, plug brick, high temperature gloves, crucible hook, manual and other accessories are optional for users
Electrical certification CE certification
After-sales service 12 months warranty, lifetime warranty


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