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Tube vacuum furnace

Tube vacuum furnace

    Application:  It is suitable for the annealing process of semiconductor devices or other materials with high environmental requirements. The quality of the workpiece is excellent and the yield is high.
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
The tube vacuum furnace is based on the original tube furnace, adding a vacuum system to enable customers to obtain a highly clean chamber, providing a clean and impurity-free high vacuum state, uniform heating temperature and accurate control, especially suitable for semiconductor devices or other Annealing process for materials with high environmental requirements, excellent workpiece quality and high yield.
Product Description:
●Beautiful appearance, small footprint
●Using high-precision, multi-function temperature controller, it can automatically adjust and modify PID parameters, store temperature control curve and can modify, delete and reset at any time, simple and convenient operation
●With multiple fault display, alarm and interlock protection functions
●The furnace body can be moved, pushed and pulled to accelerate the cooling of the low temperature section
Technical index
●Applicable process sheet size: 2~8 inch round or square sheet
●Common working temperature: 400~1000℃
●Length and accuracy of constant temperature zone: ≤±0.5℃/400~800mm (600~1000℃);
          ≤±1℃/400~800mm (300~600℃)
●Maximum heating rate: 10℃/min
●Ultimate vacuum: ≤5×10-3Pa;
●Pneumatic system: oxygen, nitrogen, argon;
Scope of application
  Used in ceramic circuits, sensor sintering and annealing treatment, permanent magnet alloy manufacturing, vacuum brazing, vacuum degassing, and non-oxidation bright heat treatment of metal materials.


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