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Roll-to-roll film graphene growth equipment

Roll-to-roll film graphene growth equipment

    Application:  It is mainly used for continuous growth of graphene films or continuous special equipment for linear materials.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Main feature
Based on the demand for large area single-layer graphene film on the industrial copper foil substrate, we used the method that a new plasma enhanced roll-to-roll makes graphene film continuous and rapid growth, and designed, developed the middle-level graphene roll-to-roll CVD.
By controlling the nucleation and growth of graphene, the growth of high quality graphite thin film is realized, and by roll-to-roll hot pressing, rapid electrochemical bubbling transferring, the copper foil etching is avoided, which realizes the continuous nondestructive transfer of graphene directly from the copper foil growth substrate to the industrial PET flexible transparent plastic substrate.

Voltage ·Furnace input AC 208-240V ,50/60 Hz
Power 6KW
Working Temperature ·Max. Temperature: 1200℃ (< 1 hr)
·Continuous working temperature: 1100℃
Heating Zone ·Heating Zone Length: 7.87" ( 200+200+200mm)
·Constant Temperature Zone:  15.74 " (400mm. +/-  1ºC )
Heating Elements ·Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Processing Tube ·High purity quartz tube:  100 mm OD x 1700 mm Length
Copper foil width ≤80mm
Copper foil running rate 8cm/min---50cm/min 
RF Signal frequency 13.56MHz±0.005%W
Power output 0-500W
Vacuum Dgree 10-1Pa 
Dimensions 280*60*130cm
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support  (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, and O-rings are not covered by the warranty, please  order replacements at related products below.)
Application Note         
·Equipped with high precision mass flowmeter in the gas system,can control the gas flow
·Gas can mix sufficient in required proportion in the  static mixing chamber,
·Can match R-T-R laminating & stripping equipment.
Roll-to-roll film graphene growth equipment
Roll-to-roll film graphene growth equipment


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