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How to identify a good box-type furnace - box-type sintering furnace

How to distinguish a good box furnace? Today, Nortel Technology will give you a few simple methods. I hope it can help you to choose box furnace.

1. The 30-segment programmable microcomputer temperature controller of the box-type furnace has non-contact temperature control, temperature control, and reliability. The temperature is set, and the temperature in the furnace is directly displayed digitally.

2. The furnace mouth and box control panel of the box-type furnace are made of stainless steel to ensure the high quality and low price of the products.

3. The overall design of the special door of the box-type furnace makes the opening and closing of the furnace mouth convenient for use. After opening, the high temperature of the furnace mouth surface does not face the user, and the furnace mouth is in the form of a platform, which can place electric heating objects.

4. After the furnace mouth of the box furnace is opened or closed, it will automatically disconnect or connect the power supply of the electric heating system to ensure the safety of the user